Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Treatment (LANAP) in Ottawa, Ontario

LANAP is an FDA-cleared laser treatment using the system PeiroLase MVP-7 to produce variable pulsed Nd:YAG laser. LANAP has been used for many years to treat gum disease successfully. It is an alternative treatment to traditional gum surgery. It does not require any cutting or sutures!

The laser targets the source of the periodontal inflammation and allows the body to recover from the chronic infection of your gums.

Do I need laser gum disease treatment?

There are a number of signs that you may have active gum disease. Do your gums bleed when brushing your teeth? Do you get a bad smell or taste when you floss your teeth? Are your teeth mobile, shifting? Are your teeth getting more sensitive with receding gums? All of these may be signs that you have either the beginnings of gum disease. You may benefit from laser gum disease treatment.

Advantages to LANAP

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Treat Gum Disease
Laser gum disease treatment can help you recover by regenerating some of the bone loss around your teeth, and improve the overall tooth support.

No Scalpels and No Sutures
Laser gum disease treatment does not require scalpels and sutures.

Easier Recovery
Many of our patients resume normal activities quicker than traditional gum surgery. There are no large surgical wounds and no stitches to worry about after the laser procedure.

Less Receding Gums
Minimal gum recessions tend to happen after laser treatment when compared to traditional gum surgery.