Barrhaven Orthodontics Periodontics


Smiles by Specialists have served proudly the families and friends of Nepean, ON for over 10 years, in both comprehensive orthodontic therapy as well as periodontal care, including dental implants.

We strive to provide the best care possible by using the latest techniques, and at the same time, set a high standard of care in both disciplines. The office uses digital scanners, digital radiography, as well as 3D technologies to ensure that everyone receives the proper care and to achieve a great result.

Dr. Jennifer Tan, Dr. Martin Lin, and their exceptional team work hard everyday to provide a warm and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Orthodontic Treatments

  • Crowding of your teeth
  • Deep overbite (bottom front teeth bite into your palate)
  • Open bite (front teeth do not touch)
  • Under bite (upper front teeth bite into the back of your lower front teeth)
  • Missing teeth
  • Too much space between teeth
  • Overjet (front teeth stick out too much)

Periodontal Treatments

  • Dental implants for missing teeth
  • Laser gum therapy for gum disease
  • Gum grafting for receding gums around teeth
  • Short teeth for crown lengthening
  • Tooth extraction
  • Bone grafting and regeneration
  • Sinus grafting for dental implant placement
  • Biopsy