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Reviews and Testimonials for Dr. Jennifer Tan, Orthodontist

“I knew immediately that she cared about what was happening to my mouth...she really cared about my treatment and my outcome”
— Ben, Ottawa

“[The treatment] will affect my life a great deal because I will be happy and confident after my treatments are done here. I got braces put on and can’t wait for them to come off and show my perfect/beautiful smile. Do not think twice about getting braces or wait 6 years like I did. I pushed off getting them, thinking it was going to be scary, but it’s not that bad at all. If you are worried about ‘The Look’ of metal braces, just get the ceramic ones. You hardly see them. Dr. Jennifer Tan is an amazing orthodontist. She is very kind, friendly, and tells me what procedures she is doing step by step. She reassures me that everything is going to be OK. She shows that she cares about me as an individual. I actually enjoy coming in for my visits knowing they will take good care of me. I think [their] fees are fair. Yes, dental procedures aren’t cheap anywhere, but you don’t mind it when the staff and the clinic go above and beyond to make every visit an enjoyable one. Thank you!”
— Erin, Ottawa

“[My advice is to] start younger. [Dr. Tan] is very nice, always willing to help. [This treatment will make my life] better, easier, more beautiful, [with] more self confidence.”
— Patient, Barrhaven

“I love to smile and want to show off a perfect smile. Unfortunately, I was not born with one, so braces are my option. [I would recommend] for sure, do it because it isn’t even that bad, and it’s all worth it in the end. [Dr. Tan is a] great dentist, she makes me feel confident that she knows what she’s doing. I think the money I’m paying is worth it. I get a good orthodontist and in the end, a great smile!”
— Kaisha, Ottawa

“I want the best for my daughter. She has beautiful teeth so I want them to look as nice as possible. ... having nice teeth can help with confidence, and hopefully it is life-lasting. Dr. Tan is very personable and has good interaction skills with children. She gives the impression of caring, not this is a business for money only. I would highly recommend her to others.”
— Karen, Ottawa

“[This treatment] will give me a ‘perfect smile’ and give me more confidence. Embrace yourself for a full-on commitment to take care of your teeth. [Dr. Tan is] very professional and very nice demeanor.”
— Patient, Ottawa

“I think it is very necessary to have my child get early treatment. It will help her having beautiful smiles in the future. [Dr. Tan is] very nice. She explains the treatment clearly.
— Chen, Ottawa

“Better smile and positive response from other people. [My advice to others is] sooner better than later.”
— Patient, Ottawa

“My teeth were a great concern for me. I was very self-conscious and NEVER did I think my teeth could look this good! [Orthodontic treatment] is the best thing you can treat yourself to.”
— Sarah, Kanata

“Great experience. Dr. Tan and her staff were very helpful and friendly. Very informative.”
— Patient, Manotick

“Dr. Tan and her staff are very organized, courteous and friendly. They have been very accommodating with appointments. Thanks very much!”
— Patient, Ottawa

“Dr. Tan knows her business and she is also great with children. A wonderful combination! Dr. Tan gives a fair, competitive price for the services. We have been very pleased.”
— mother of Abigail, Ottawa

“Dr. Tan is very friendly and professional and knows her stuff! Her recommendations/advice are very easy to understand yet very thorough. This is money well spent because one’s teeth are an investment in our future.”
— Marc, Barrhaven

“Be patient and proud: [orthodontic treatment] is worth it. My smile is priceless.”
— Myreil, Ottawa

“This treatment will significantly affect my daughter’s life. Dr. Tan is absolutely a nice doctor, skilled, very patient to customers, especially to young customers. I’m very satisfactory to her services.”
— Chen, Ottawa

“[This treatment] gives me a more confident smile. [Invisalign] is a great alternative to braces for those out of high school.”
— Rachel, Ottawa

“The short-term cost is worth the long-term gain.”
— Patient, Kemptville

“Because of this treatment, I will never have to worry about the wearing down of my teeth. I won’t have to worry about my smile not looking good.”
— Dana, Ottawa

“Very professional and knowledgeable. Her and all the staff are very welcoming.”
— Lisa, Gatineau

“I believe that this treatment will affect my life positively. Having a nice smile will make me feel better about myself and make me smile more often. Go for it, because two years [of braces] is definitely worth perfect teeth for the rest of your life. She is a great person and doctor. She is always good to talk to. As far as braces go, she knows what she is doing and I am very happy with the outcome.”
— Dominique, Barrhaven

“As a mother, I believe this treatment would help my daughter to have a better healthy bite, as well it would build more self confidence. Dr. Jennifer Tan is a sweet gentle lady, but very professional. I have complete confidence with her.”
— Lan, Ottawa

“It is worth the short-term discomfort for a long-term solution. [Dr. Tan is] a wonderful individual and always peasant to work with.”
— Tyler, Manotick

“Very pleasant, down to earth, responsive. Beautiful office, pleasant staff.”
— Patient, Barrhaven

“[My advice is] to seriously consider having a dentist check for any problems early enough, to refer an individual to an orthodontist for their dental needs. [Dr. Tan] is friendly, gives clear explanations, does not rush you to make a decision, and accommodating person.”
— Patient, Ottawa

“I will be more confident when I smile. It is worth the result.”
— Morgan, Barrhaven

“The fees appear to be on par with other orthodontists, however, the quality of the treatment seem far superior to others.”
— Patient, Ottawa

“I will have straight teeth for the rest of my life. Teeth are a big part of people’s appearance, so confidence will go up. I would tell others that this treatment worked really well. It wasn’t as long of a process as I thought. I would recommend it to someone who asked. It is very worth it. I think I got my money’s worth. Treatment was worth the cost. I would do it again if I had to. [Dr. Tan] is very friendly. She has a good personality. She’s not rough while working on the teeth.”
— Vanessa, Barrhaven

“I have nice teeth for the rest of my life. Overall, it makes me happier. It’s worth it when they remove your braces and you see your beautiful teeth.”
— Erika, Barrhaven

“Very nice, great at her job! Thanks so much! She’s very caring and makes sure you get what you want. I really love the new smile! I won’t always worry about my teeth in pictures or when I’m smiling. More smiles!”
— Patient, Ottawa

“[Orthodontic treatment] is great if you want to feel better about your teeth. She makes the whole process easy. I hope that my teeth will stay in a good position for the rest of my life, giving me more confidence.”
— Bryan, Ottawa

“Very reasonable and effective. We recommend her work highly.”
— Ward, Ottawa

“Please simply go to see Dr. Tan.”
— Patient, Kanata


Reviews and Testimonials for Dr. Martin Lin, Periodontist


Regarding dental implant

“An implant is better than a bridge or inserting and removing a partial. Sit back and relax. I felt no pain, and afterwards there was no pain, swelling, or bleeding. Dr. Lin is a true professional. He is personable, approachable and thorough. The fees are very reasonable. It is money well spent.”
— David, Nepean

“Considering that I already have very healthy teeth, this implant should help prolong that health for many more years. I have done a lot of research on this procedure and would highly recommend it to others. With Dr. Lin, your comfort is a priority. He takes the time to explain the procedure [and] keeping you informed as he does the surgery. My main concern is to have a doctor that you feel comfortable with.”
— Shirley, Ottawa

Regarding canine exposure

“It will make orthodontic work go faster, which will certainly make me happier!! Very professional, very friendly. Everything was explained thoroughly. Great job!!”
— Lisa, Ottawa

Regarding extraction, bone grafting, and implant placement

“Go for it! Dr. Lin is very competent and professional, and takes the time to explain the procedure and answer all questions. And he is very gentle!”
— Patient, Clayton

“The treatment will prevent further work from being required in that area of the gum. It is simple, as far as receiving the treatment, just relax and let it happen. Dr. Lin is friendly and explains everything about the treatment thoroughl
— Allan, Ottawa

“I feel it is the best option for my situation. I would recommend others they consider Dr. Lin’s services. I’m glad I found him. His work was painless. I appreciated his follow-up call -— it put me at ease.”
— Patient, Ottawa

Regarding soft tissue grafting

“Very polite!”
— Patient, North Gower

“No problems — superb work and follow-up. Awesome, caring, knowledgeable, professional. Very fair. [Fees are] excellent for the service rendered. [This treatment] will be for the better — broader smile.”
— Lorraine, Barrhaven

“Make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions. Go to Dr. Lin, he is very good, caring, and takes the time to explain things. [Dr. Lin is] concerned, caring, very thorough, and ensures patients know what to expect. Considering it was an operation, it was surprisingly a good experience. [It] felt like Dr. Lin cared about the treatment and really wanted the best for the patient. [The fees] are very consistent with city rates, but the actual caring and time spent on the patient make it head and shoulders a much better bargain. The extras make this a place I would recommend to my friends and family.”
— Diana, Ottawa

“Don’t wait! [Dr. Lin] is very personable, professional, and great detail. Great follow-up. Loved the phone call at home. [The fees are] fair. When all is said and done, it will make smiling more enjoyable, and bring back the confidence to smile again.”
— Patient, Ottawa

“It isn’t as bad as people tell you. [Dr. Lin] seems relaxed, talks to you about what is happening, and has a good sense of humour. I would come back. I feel confident that I won’t lose my front teeth.”
— Nancy, Ottawa

“Very nice and really cares.”
— Patient, Ottawa

“Dr. Lin is very knowledgeable and not to worry. [Dr. Lin] helped fix a situation I was extremely worried about. I’m very grateful!”
— Jen, Ottawa

“... It’s not as bad as some people will tell you. [Dr. Lin] is great. Highly recommended. ‘My teeth’ look better. Hopefully keep my teeth longer.”
— Patient, Ottawa

“Long term, I believe it will help keep my teeth strong. The procedure that Dr. Lin used was much less painful than my first experience at another clinic. He is very thorough, has a great ‘chairside’ manner. Very kind, explains everything so you understand what the procedure involves. Available after the surgery for questions. [The fees] seems to be on par with other offices to the best of my knowledge.”
— Patient, Ottawa

Regarding periodontal disease therapy

“Dr. Martin Lin is good at his work. Fees here are much better than some other places that I visited.”
— Iqbal, Ottawa

“There was no discomfort during the treatment. The effort is on both the doctor and patient’s part to follow up at home. Very friendly and gentle. It’s an open disclosure office. One knows the fees beforehand. Healthier teeth and gums.”
— Patient, Barrhaven

“No more gum issues. [Dr. Lin is] very sweet and understanding. Easy going. Very helpful. Fees were fair. No issues.”
— Amanda, Ottawa

“Healthier teeth — easier to floss and keep them clean. Very personable. Good work. Excellent follow-up! [Fees are] about what I expected.”
— Patient, Manotick

“It will make me more conscious of how important it is to floss and pay attention to gum bleeding, etc. Floss often — gums are just as important as teeth. Great service — very personable staff — caring environment. Personal call following surgery — AWESOME.”
— Joanne, Kemptville